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Style Guides

Style Guide for Adding Quotes:


Toby [to Spencer]: You're the one looking forward to class reunions, not me.

The name of the person speaking is bold including the colon. There are no quotes around the words spoken.

Emily [about her mom]: She already packed up the whole kitchen. She keeps telling me how much I’m going to like the rodeo.

Any stage directions, or important information like who is being spoken to, or what is being spoken about, goes in brackets.

Hanna (sarcastically): Dear Mommy, I went to the woods to trap a killer.

Tone of voice goes in parentheses.

Emily: Spencer, stop playing Harriet The Spy.

There is no need to put the person's name in brackets if their name appears in the quote.

Order of Sections:

The sections of each episode page should be as follows:

Notes (use bullets)
Anything that falls under notes such as Continuity, Trivia, Title info, etc. (use bullets)
Main Cast (do not use bullets)
Guest Cast (do not use bullets)
Featured Music (use bullets, name of song in quotes, name of artist bold)
Memorable Quotes

Quotations, Apostrophes and Links:

On this wiki, we follow Strunk & White's Elements of Style. The rule is that quotation marks should always go outside the punctuation mark. For example:

CORRECT: She told me that she "thought it was okay."

INCORRECT: She told me that she "thought it was okay".

Note: The British system follows a different standard, wherein it is acceptable to put the quotation before the punctuation mark. However, this is currently invalid in the American system.

From Strunk & White:

Quotations. Formal quotations, cited as documentary evidence, are introduced by a colon and enclosed in quotation marks.


The provision of the Constitution is: "No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any state."

Quotations grammatically in apposition or the direct objects of verbs are preceded by a comma and enclosed in quotation marks.


I recall the maxim of La Rochefoucauld, "Gratitude is a lively sense of benefits to come."

Aristotle says, "Art is an imitation of nature."

Episode titles are always enclosed in quotation marks. Not italicized.


"For Whom the Bell Tolls"

The title of the show should never be in quotes, always italicized, as follows:

Pretty Little Liars

"A" always appears in quotation marks. When "A" appears with an apostrophe 's,' please enclose the whole thing in quotation marks, as shown in the following example:

"A's" lair is located in The Lost Woods Resort.

For apostrophes, the punctuation mark follows the apostrophe.

CORRECT: At the Hastings', we ate dinner.

ALSO CORRECT: At the Hastings's, we ate dinner.

(This is an abbreviated form of "At the Hastings' residence, we ate dinner." Because Hastings end with an 's,' the apostrophe must go at the end of the word, after the "s," or Hastings's can be used.)

For more info: http://www.bartleby.com/141/strunk2.html

The first time a character, place, or anything that has its own article is mentioned, it gets a link. Any subsequent mention in the same article is not linked. 

Any time an episode title is listed, it gets a link.

PLEASE try to implement this as much as possible!

(Credit goes to Nickimiz for originally posting this.)

Secrets "Exposed" vs. Secrets "Revealed":

In the character infoboxes, there is a category for secrets. There is a difference between secrets being exposed and secrets being revealed. 

For example, Jason used to have a problem with alcohol. He admits this himself. His secret is not "exposed" by anybody, it is "revealed" to the characters and the audience.

On the other hand, Emily being a lesbian was "exposed" by Wilden because it was a secret she was not ready admit herself. 

Sometimes the difference between the two is muddy, so use your best judgment. 

Size of Pictures:

Thumbnails should be 250px.

Main pictures on pages without an infobox should be 300px.

There can be exceptions. Use your judgment. 

Anything else that may come up will be added here.


If you are adding spoilers to any page, you must also add a spoiler warning. 

A spoiler is any piece of information about a future episode. Viewers have the right to know the page they are about to read contains spoilers. 


Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.
to add a spoiler warning, or select it from the list of available templates.


Some rules regarding adding categories:

  • Users may not add unnecessary categories to the wiki in order to earn badges or for any other reason.
  • Users should check the current list of categories before adding new ones to avoid duplicates and redundant categories.
  • Romantic pairings should also be under Romances. Friendship pairings should be under Friendships. 
  • Please do not add categories with subjective meanings like "Suspects of..." Everyone is always a suspect and as the show goes on, the suspect list changes, but this is entirely subjective from person to person and leads to a muddy and unnecessary category. Current "suspect" categories are being reviewed.


  • Please refer to this Wikia Community Central article for information about wikitext, the markup language used to edit the wiki in source mode:


And One more thing...

Feel free to post here with questions or other ideas you have to take this wiki to levels of near perfection. :P

(Credit goes to PLLfan, an admin on The Little Liars Wiki Pretty Little Liars Wiki

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