Since Ravenswood just premiered today, Tuesday October 22nd, I would like to  tell any future  residents of this fine wikia that you must abide by certain rules. For starters, no creation of gallery pages. They are a waste and we simply don't want them, anyone who disobeys this rule will get block and time given will be up to the admin.   Which reminds me,  at the moment there are three active admin: myself( Fearless Diva), Taleb 1 and Psalf. Since the show just started we do not need  any more admins and any requests will be denied. Just enjoy the show, make some new friends and edit (correctly) to your hearts content!  As for categories... please don't add Acquaintance of.. to  say  the Remy page for example. Instead,  add the  Beumont Family category. Furthermore, so none of you say: "Well I didn't know we weren't allow to do that!" Here are the links to our policies:

Lastly, you can also find these pages  under  the community tab and then clicking on the Rules/Guidelines. Thank you and enjoy the show!