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• 11/1/2013

her death

when she died  was like WHAT

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• 11/3/2013
I was so angry and sad but mostly angry because she only lived through like an episode and a half.....
• 11/4/2013

Well maybe it's like a disimbodied spirit kind of deal. I remember it showed her uncle cutting her maybe when he did he noticed she was still bleeding (an indication that her body is still alive) and her uncle has her up to a machine somewhere.

• 11/13/2013

I was a bit disappointed too, but.. I like it more this way. I mean, Miranda being a ghost it's kinda interesting. I like this because it's different. 

I was reading about the episodes on the wiki and I found this about the 6th episode of Ravenswood called Revival: "It's been assumed that the plot of this episode will involve Miranda coming back to life."

I don't know what to say about that. I'd like her to come back to life and live her life. Finally happy! But..I'm selfish because I think Miranda fell in love with Caleb and I don't want them together.. I want Hanna and Caleb to be together forever :(

When I saw the PLL 4x14 promo when Hanna was crying and screaming at Caleb I just thought he did something wrong ..like cheating on her with Miranda. But when I saw Miranda died, I thought maybe she acts like that because Caleb tells her Miranda's gone and maybe Caleb is going to come back to Rosewood. But now, seeing this on the wiki, I come back to my first thought that I hate it so much. I'm disappointed, not curious :(

I understand it's still just a speculation, but Miranda's death at that time was also a speculation and it became true...

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