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Fearless Diva
• 11/6/2013

Someone cast a spell, or made an offering of five younger people to protect a soldier?

Honestly what else could it be? Say you have some kind of supernatural ability, and your husband, or son gets drafted. You think he has a fair shot of dying in the war. So you cast a spell to offer five deaths in return for his safe return. It works, but somehow the pattern repeats itself. You would think the very first thing the kids would do is try to research the first soldier that came back from the war, and see if his wife/mother/aunt/granny was the witchy type.

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Fearless Diva
• 11/7/2013

Honestly, that makes sense. Remy's dad keeps staying quiet about things as well - as if he doesn't want her to know.

The theory I had was that a pact was made that every time a resident of Ravenswood was going to die in war 5 people would die way back when between a group of people. The uncle of Miranda obviously knows, as does Mrs. Grunwald, but perhaps it was a pact between them as well. Maybe, to go along with your theory, the uncle has that kind of ability. Maybe that's why he works at a funeral. Or maybe it's Mrs. Grunwald who has that sort of ability.

I don't want Caleb to die, however; he and Hanna are supposed to live happily forever. :p

• 11/13/2013

I agree. There is definitely some kind of pact. I hope will find out more soon :)

• 11/18/2013

you bring up a good point!

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