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• 11/12/2013

What about Luke and Remy

Luke and Remy seem to be holding onto each other despite what their parents think, but it looks like Tess might take a go at him. How does everyone feel about them and where their relationship might end up?

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• 11/13/2013

I like Luke and Remy. They're cute! I think I'll call them Lumy :)) Whatever, I don't want Tess to come between them. I don't want Remy to have a broken heart because of that blonde and Luke. I like Luke, but if he's going to choose Tess, then I won't like him anymore.

• 11/19/2013

I actually like Luke and Tess better(See above: my username) and I got chills when they kissed. I think they're cute and would love to see more Tess/Luke/Remy drama.

• 11/19/2013

Tess is your typical social climbing archetype. Luke is cute and at one point was the most popular guy in school. My guess? Tess is being all sensitive and vulnerable with him to  reel him in. Then, Luke will serve as her King to her Queenbee.

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