So as of today 11/12/13, I have lowered the protection on all the episode excluding Grave New World.  Regular Users are welcome to edit(in good faith) to their hearts content. However, anons and new users aren't able to edit  because of the problems we've had with trolls and vandalism in the past. In order to get around this you(the new user) need to talk to one of us admins(Psalf, Taleb1 or Fearless Diva) into lowering the protection temporarily so that your able to edit. This way, we monitor what is going on and prevent future vandalism. Although, I want to make one thing clear. Anons WILL NOT be allowed to edit. Over  these past few months they have gathered quite a bad reputation. So if ur an anon wanting to edit and be part of the ravenswood wiki community, then I suggest you make an account. Its not that hard. :P If you have any more questions, please message me on my wall and I will be happy to answer them!