Something weird is happening. I did not watched the episode on its premiere 'cause I didn't watched the other 5 episodes. Today I've watched and now, I was going to watch the 1x06. In the "Previously", Caleb explains that the Pact Of The Five was a pact that was made to keep, at least, one soldier of the current battle alive. In exchange, 5 teens are supposed to die. But here's the thing: I don't remember they saying this. I don't remember they "connecting the dots". All I know is that Esther and Thomas killed themselves, believing it would bring Original Miranda and Original Caleb back, the "chosen ones" to break the curse. I've got two theories: the episode I downloaded isn't full, it's missing some scene or was just something the writers thought that people would automatically think, and dumb people (like me) didn't or they just forgot to say it and put it on the Previously. Am I the only one?