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• 1/10/2014

who do you think Dillon and Max are working for?

I think its Collins
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• 1/22/2014
Collins is actually someone trying to protect the town from the dark and thinks the kids are in the way. The real person behind is someone connected to all The Five.
• 1/22/2014

There's no way Collins could be the Dark One. He may seems scary, but he's definitely a friendly. He kept Miranda's and all the kids' hair to keep them locked in - it may seem outrageous, but he was definitely protecting them, after what we saw when Miranda first broke her jar and Max took her on a scare trip. He's a friendly with a scary appearance, don't worry.

Oh great! Springer finally spoken Dillon is the bad guy! Any Command & Conquer 3 fans would like to quote from that game, huh? "He's spoken! Dillon is now confirmed as a threat! Light him up! (crash! boom!)" Think they will purge that D-esease any time soon?


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