Beatrice Grunwald  is the mother of Carla Grunwald. She is portrayed by Mary Elise Hayden. 


Beatrice also died from the curse at 17, along with four other kids. She was first shown as sister of Carla Grunwald, but then is revealed to be her mother. She got pregnant at the age of 16, her mother went away, then came back with a sister. People in the town believed it, or pretended to believe it. Beatrice didn't mind dying, she could protect Carla, and be close to her.

Season One

In Home Is Where the Heart Is (Seriously Check the Floorboards) Beatrice makes her first appearance as a ghost, not an energy. Miranda figures out the truth about her relationship with Carla. When Miranda tries to figure out what she knows about the pact, Beatrice responds she doesn't know anything. She tells her "You'll ruin everything." She also tells Miranda they don't want to know who is behind it, and they need to stop asking. Continuing she says "be grateful that you have protection and find something that matters." Miranda responds with telling her baby, Carla, is grown up, she'll move on and die, and Bea will end up alone. Beatrice is shown crying, then disappears. She returns, asking Miranda if she knows about the jars. Then, she states Miranda doesn't know, only getting a taste of it.

Physical Appearances 

She was a classic beauty that passed her looks down to her daughter.


She is shown to be a somewhat angry spirit. Beatrice wants to protect her daughter, and always stay with her.


Season 1 (1/10)

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