I saw a picture on a headstone. The guy looked just like me.

Caleb Rivers is a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood. He made his debut in the Pilot episode, after being a series regular on Pretty Little Liars for the first 4 seasons. He is now back too being a regular on PLL after Ravenswood was cancelled. He's portrayed by Tyler Blackburn.


Caleb was given up by his biological mother, Claudia Dawson, twelve years ago, when he was around four or five years old, leading him to live in different foster homes. Caleb is open to reuniting with her for a visit when she extends the offer, however. Living in foster care and his relationship with Hanna has greatly changed Caleb's outlook on the future. Caleb used to work for car thieves as a computer hacker in Allentown.

Season 1

Caleb is heading to Ravenswood when he meets a girl named Miranda. She explains that she has been a foster child for most of her life, and is going to Ravenswood to meet her uncle for the very first time. Caleb mentions that he is a foster child as well. Caleb and Miranda arrive in Ravenswood and say farewell at the graveyard.

Later, Caleb finds Hanna and Miranda together. Caleb and Hanna are about to rejoin the girls and leave Miranda, when Hanna tells Caleb to stay with Miranda to make sure she stays safe. They kiss and bid farewell. Caleb and Miranda walk through the graveyard and find a tombstone with Caleb's name and picture on it. ("Grave New World")

In the Pilot Caleb and Miranda are seen standing by the Caleb Rivers tombstone a little freaked out by the  event that took place the night before. They agree to return to her Uncle Raymond's house to see if he is there. upon they arrival  her Uncle acts very coldly towards her.  Caleb  and Miranda stay with him at the house. Caleb wanted to do research about Caleb Rivers and he meets Remy who is interesting in finding out about his past because she think it's related to the curse of Ravenswood. When everyone is in Remy car they is disappointed that they didn't find anything  about the town's curse. Miranda grabs the wheel when she sees that lady-ghost and swerves off the road into the water. The car is sinking and everyone survives the accident but Miranda. At first Caleb is the only person that can contact her but as the season progresses eventually everyone of the 5 can see her and communicates with her like they would anyone else. As the curse progresses Caleb eventually is forced to break up with his long time girlfriend Hanna, to protect her.

Physical Appearance

He is described as having dark brown hair, brown eyes, and 5'11. He wears a mix of clothes and sometimes a beanie.


Caleb is street-smart, has a checkered past, and illegally hacked computers and phones for money when he first moved to Rosewood. He is in foster care, and is currently having family issues with his father.


Season 1 (10/10)



  • He is originally a character from Pretty Little Liars.
  • He comes to Ravenswood to investigate the strange events that have been happening in the town.
  • We will learn more about Caleb's past in Ravenswood.
  • I. Marlene King said that "Caleb has a mission to uncover the truth behind Ravenswood's curses - and his own past."[1]
  • Caleb will be living with Miranda and Raymond in his house which is where the morgue is.
  • When he moves from Rosewood to Ravenswood, he leaves his girlfriend, Hanna Marin, behind. However, Hanna will visit him.


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