"You think you have the answers, but you don't even know what the questions are."
Carla to Olivia

Carla Stevens Grunwald[1] is a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood. She is portrayed by Meg Foster. [2]


Ms. Grunwald was the Sorority Mother of Gamma Zeta Chi. She disappeared multiple times but showed up back in the sorority house, according to members. Later, Carla left the college to return to working for Raymond.

Season One

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Physical Appearance

Carla has brown hair, and light blue eyes, almost pale looking.


She is described as a no-nonsense, stubborn 60-year-old woman.


Season 1 (8/10)


  • Carla Grunwald
  • Carla and Ali
  • Pulling Ali Out
  • Carla in Ravenswood


  • She was the one who pulled Alison DiLaurentis out of the ground.
  • She also was the one talking to Alison on the phone that Tippi knew the number to
  • She was formerly a sorority mother.
  • She is a psychic.
  • She has appeared in four episodes of Pretty Little Liars' 4th season (one of them was just via picture) and one of 5th season.


  1. Her name is confirmed in Pretty Little Liars.