celeb met Miranda on a bus going to ravenswood to help Hanna, but on that journey he sat next to an orphan called Miranda who was on the bus to go to her uncles house. Thats where she met Hanna, hanna was locked in a phone box by Ezra 'board shorts', when Miranda helps Hanna escape the mansion she finds Caleb and realises that Hanna is with Caleb, hana invites Miranda to stay with them in rosewood but Miranda declines and Hanna askes caleb to stay with Miranda and help her find her uncle.

before Hanna asked Caleb to stay with Miranda, Hanna took them both to the entrance of the tomb where Miranda found a grave containing a picture of her and her name engraved into the marble, later on Caleb was walking with Miranda wenn she asked his last name and he told her Rivers, thatss when she pointed out a tomb stone containing a picture of Caleb and his name engraved,

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