Henry Rivers is a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood who made his debut in The Devil Has a Face, and he is portrayed by Grant James.


He is a long lost relative of Caleb Rivers who was the original Caleb Rivers' brother. He died some time between The Devil Has a Face and Scared to Death.

Season 1Edit

In The Devil Has a Face, he's visited by Remy and Caleb. He's really shocked by Caleb's striking resemblance to his late brother who died young. They play chess and Caleb asks about the 5 pact. Henry tells him "You’re careless, boy. You have to pay more attention to your moves.” to avoid answering that question. Later he gives Caleb a key to the old courthouse.

In Scared to Death he's seen in Collins morgue and Caleb highly suspects he was killed for helping them.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He was old and balding.


He was an aloof man who knew more about the curse than he let on, but was scared to talk about. Eventually he caved into giving Caleb a key to the old courthouse telling him he must. It was a sacrifice seeing as he didn't want history to repeat itself with Caleb and was killed for his act of bravery. 


Season 1 (2/10)

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