"If I would have known I'd be wearing this for the rest of eternity, I would have picked different boots."
Miranda about her outfit

Miranda Collins is a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood. She makes her debut in the Pilot episode and is portrayed by Nicole Anderson.[1]


Miranda has been a foster child for most of her life. Miranda used to live with her uncle Raymond when she was younger until he put her in foster care after her parents' death.

Season 1

In Grave New World, Miranda is on her way to Ravenswood when she first meets Caleb Rivers. They start talking and she explains that she is a foster child, and is going to Ravenswood to meet her uncle for the very first time since leaving Ravenswood. Caleb mentions that he is a foster child as well. They arrive in Ravenswood and say farewell at the graveyard, and Miranda arrives at her uncle's mansion. Miranda finds Hanna in the phone booth inside the mansion and lets her out. They introduce themselves and Miranda realizes that Hanna is Caleb's girlfriend. They make their way through the house, looking for an exit, until they find a room full of coffins. Miranda remembers being in this room with her uncle at her parents' funeral, and realizes that her uncle had abandoned her there. Miranda and Hanna finally find their way out of the house and go to the graveyard and find Caleb. Miranda, meanwhile, finds a gravestone with her name and face on it, and she is baffled. Hanna invites her back to Rosewood and offer her to stay with her, but Miranda refuses because she still has questions for her uncle. Hanna tells Caleb to stay with Miranda to make sure she stays safe. They kiss and bid farewell. Caleb and Miranda walk through the graveyard and find a tombstone with Caleb's name and picture on it. ("Grave New World")

In the Pilot, Miranda attempts to reconnect with her Uncle, who acts very coldly towards her. She and Caleb stay with him, and Miranda starts to see a strange woman, that is only seen by her. When everyone is in Remy's car, Miranda grabs the wheel, when she sees that lady-ghost and swerves off the road into the water.

In Death and the Maiden, Miranda dies as result of drowning leaving Caleb shaken by her death, while her uncle gets ready to put her to rest. She contacts him in his dream and shows him what made her grab the wheel. He later gets Miranda's tote from Remy's car that's in the junkyard. At the end of the episode he's visited by Miranda who tells him that she died way before they got to the hospital, and that she found whenever he started reading that letter he found. Miranda tells him that she's unable to move on as she senses something or someone is holding her back.

In Believe, Miranda attends her own funeral with Caleb still as only one who can see and talk to her. Miranda later goes through her mom's old childhood things with Caleb, but hears other ghosts while doing so. Which confirms her theory about other ghosts being trapped like she's. Miranda tells Caleb she has a bad feeling about the other ghosts and is the groups eyes and ears for Abby, another girl who died 20 years ago. Miranda is then whisked away and attacked by a unseen dark force. Miranda saves the group from an near death and beings to glow after that.

In The Devil Has a Face, Miranda finds more victims of the curse, but they runoff before she can talk to them. Miranda appears to Caleb who's attempting writing an email to Hanna. Seeing as he can't attempt to write to her Miranda later does the email for him and she is saddened by the fact he's in a relationship. Later she talks to Olivia about her feelings for Caleb and Raymond and Rochelle’s conversation . Miranda tells her Creepy Collins has all sorts of clippings of her father’s death. We find out Olivia's dad was stabbed, and Miranda tells her come and look when he's not there. Caleb gets mad when he finds out about the email and later Miranda meets her mom. In the last scene they walk towards a bright light behind a door and the door slams shut.

In Scared to Death the heaven that Miranda enter through that door in The Devil Has a Face turns out to be false and she meets Max. Throughout the rest of the episode Caleb discovers how exactly he and Miranda were connected in their past lives.

In Revival Miranda was seen haunting Mrs.Grunwald to receive information about where the jars of hair was located that is trapping Miranda in the Collins house.

Powers and Abilities

Basic Ghost Powers

  • Immortality: Ghosts are truly immortal and will exist forever and never die.
  • Teleportation: The act of transporting ones self from one location to another by supernatural means. This power is mainly rooted on the fact that ghosts lack a substantial presence in the physical world. Hence, they are unbound by the borders of space, allowing them to appear and disappear from place to place as they wish.
  • Telekinesis: The act of controlling and manipulating the movements of objects and persons by mental influence.
  • Manifestation: Given the right circumstances, Ghosts can make their presence manifest in the physical world, allowing them to interact like they were back when they were alive, but just for some people.

Physical Appearance

Miranda is an attractive girl, who's 5'3 and has a short, flattering haircut.


She is described as a foster kid, who relies on her wits to cover her emotional scars. Miranda is stubborn, and caring. It is hinted that she may like Caleb.


Season 1 (10/10)



  • Her casting call: "She's a feisty, disarming and unconventionally attractive 17-year-old. As a fiercely independent foster kid, she has tons of confidence, but it was hard-won. She uses her wits to cover her emotional scars. If you can break through the tough exterior, you've got a fearless, loyal friend for life."[2]
  • I. Marlene King said that Caleb finds an ally in Miranda since "they share very familiar upbringings."[3]
  • She's the first main character to be killed, although she has made appearances as ghost ever since.


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