Dead girl's can't smile. Kisses -A

About Ravenswood Edit

RAVENSWOOD, Est. 1764. So named for the vast wooded area to the east and frequent raven sightings. Ravenswood first rose to prominence during the Revolutionary War for its use as a rest station and later as a burial ground. Ravenswood was were the "A" s lair was wich was actually ezra fitz.

 Residents Edit

Visitors Edit

Places Edit

  • EzrA's lair
  • Bindful Things (Ravenswood Clothing Store)
  • Graveyard
  • Hair Salon
  • Joe's Vault
  • The Ravenswood Gazette
  • Ravenswood's School
  • River Valley Bed and Breakfast
  • Sawmill Factory

 Former Residents: Edit

Notes Edit

  • Ravenswood is the neighboring town of Rosewood.
  • Camp Ravenswood is mentioned in the book Ali's Pretty Little Lies.
  • EzrA had A lair in Ravenswood.

Gallery Edit

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