This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. Generally this guide is to be used for character articles, but can be adapted to almost any in-universe article by leaving out sections that are irrelevant. By adhering to this layout guide we will add more uniformity across all the pages. This will create a more professional look for the Harry Potter Wiki. In addition, if you are unsure of how to start an article use this guide to provide a starting point. If you have any questions or comments feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the talk page. This layout guide was adapted from Wookieepedia's Layout Guide and The Vampire Diaries Wiki:Layout guide.


: ''"{{PAGENAME}}" redirects here. But you may be looking for {{article of same title}}.''
  • Generally used when there's more than one page with different meanings.


  • Thumbnails should be 250px.
  • Main pictures on pages without an infobox should be 300px.
  • There can be exceptions. Use your judgment.
  • Anything else that may come up will be added here.



  • If you are adding spoilers to any page, you must also add a spoiler warning.
  • A spoiler is any piece of information about a future episode. Viewers have the right to know the page they are about to read contains spoilers.


Example (about Caleb Rivers):
{{Infobox Character
|name = Caleb Rivers
|image = Caleb Rivers PLL.jpg
|Gender = Male
|Hair Color = Hazel Brown
|Eye Color = Dark Brown
|Marital Status = Dating Hanna Marin
|Birthday = Unknown
|Height = 5'11"
|Occupation(s) = Student
|Nickname = 
|Age = 18
|Family = Claudia Dawson (mother)<br>Jamie Doyle (father)<br>William Dawson (step-father)<br>James Dawson (hlaf-brother)<br>Clay Dawson (half-brother)
Patty (aunt)
|Friends = 
|Pet(s) = 
|Boss = 
|Employees = 
|Rival = 
|Enemies = 
|Romances = Hanna Marin (girlfriend)
|Rivals = 
|Interests = Computers
|Education = 
|Talent = Knowledge in electronics
|Secret(s) = 
|Status = Alive
|First appearance = [[Pilot]]
|Last appearance = [[Pilot]]
|Portrayed By = [[Tyler Blackburn]]
  • The image may not be larger than 250px.
  • Wherever there is more than one "answer," seperate them by a line break.
    • Do not put a line break after the last entry in that field.
  • Leave unknown fields blank.
  • In "last appearance", add the last episode the character was seen in, doesn't matter if this isn't their last episode.

Opening Quotes

{{Quote|What do you like to do for fun on weekends? Break old ladies' hips?|Caleb to Spencer and Hanna in [[{{episode}}]]}}
  • Do not use links within a quote, unless it is the only mention in the article of a certain subject.
  • If the speaker is another subject please include a link.
  • Please include a source.

Listing Quotes

Toby [to Spencer]: You're the one looking forward to class reunions, not me.

  • The name of the person speaking is bold including the colon. There are no quotes around the words spoken.

Emily [about her mom]: She already packed up the whole kitchen. She keeps telling me how much I’m going to like the rodeo.

  • Any stage directions, or important information like who is being spoken to, or what is being spoken about, goes in brackets.

Hanna (sarcastically): Dear Mommy, I went to the woods to trap a killer.

  • Tone of voice goes in parentheses.

Emily: Spencer, stop playing Harriet The Spy.

  • There is no need to put the person's name in brackets if their name appears in the quote.

Characters body

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is... (introductory sentence or paragraph)

== History ==

== Season One ==

== Physical Appearance ==

== Personality ==

== Appearances ==

== ''Gallery'' ==
<gallery orientation="landscape">

== Trivia ==

== References ==

Episodes body

{{Infobox episode
|name = 
|season = 
|number = 
|image = 
|airdate = 
|writer = 
|director = 
|previous = 
|next = 
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the ... episode of the ... season of ''[[Ravenswood]]''.

== Synopsis ==

== Cast ==
=== Main Cast ===

=== Guest Cast ===

== Notes ==
=== Production ===

=== Spoilers ===

== Featured Music ==

== Quotes ==

== Gallery ==
=== Promotional Pictures ===
<gallery position="center">

=== Behind the Scenes Pictures ===
<gallery position="center">

=== Videos ===
<gallery position="center">

== References ==

== Navigational ==
{{Ravenswood Episodes}}



* Used at the bottom of the article body when the article is too vague or brief and when there is clearly more information that can be added.