"I know every tombstone out there."
Raymond Collins

Raymond Collins is a character on ABC Family's Ravenswood who made his debut in Pilot. He is portrayed by Steven Cabral.


He was a scarcely man and didn't care a lot for this niece and was is very smart

Season 1

Coming soon.

Physical Appearance

He is a tall man with olive skin and black hair and dark brown eyes. He usually wears a white shirt, black pants, a black waistcoat and tie.


Collins appears to be cold and creepy. But it is revealed in My Haunted Heart, that he did like Miranda and regrets slamming the door in her face. He was also a caretaker and he was collecting souls of the essence. 


Season 1 (10/10)



  • His casting call: "is a handsome but guarded member of the Miranda Collins' clan". [1]



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