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  • Fearless Diva

    Remy and Luke

    October 26, 2013 by Fearless Diva

    So we saw that Luke and Remy are in fact dating. What has gotten me curious is how these two came about. I mean before his dad died, Tess says Luke used to be Mr. Popular. Was he a douche or the type who is popular but has a heart of gold. Did he always like Remy? How long have they known each other for? As for Remy, girl is clearly smart... maybe Luke needed a tutor and that's how they hit it off? I want to know what you all think!

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  • Fearless Diva

    The Curse

    October 7, 2013 by Fearless Diva

    So based on all the promos we've seen thus far, I have begun to wonder just how supernatural Ravenswood is going to get. Hopefully they can ground it in reality somewhat since it does share the same "universe" as PLL. To be quite honest, Luke looks like a real hottie and I can't wait to see the storyline involving his parents unfolds thoughts?

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