• King Kahn

    Taleb reunite in Ravenswood

    November 15, 2013 by King Kahn

    My first fanfic let me know what ya'll think

    Toby gets off of the bus when he get to Ravenswood, he would drive but his truck is getting worked on and also he came to get Spencer car for her, that still in Ravenswood. He walks into the The Vault to get something to drink when he heard a familiar voice.

    "Toby?" The mystery person said

    Toby turns around to see Caleb by himself. He smiles and greets him with a hug.

    "What are you doing? Caleb ask.

    "I am here to get Spencer car and also to see you, I thought you would have been back by now." Toby said.

    "Yeah me to but something came up." Caleb said.

    "What came up?" Toby asked.

    "I will tell you but you can't tell anyone, including Hanna." Caleb said.

    "Yeah sure." Toby said

    "Well it started when I first go…

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  • King Kahn

    New Ideas

    October 20, 2013 by King Kahn

    Ok what should be my first blog or story I should put up after the show come on

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  • King Kahn


    June 4, 2013 by King Kahn

    There not much out there to create a good theory. I have a feeling that it will be about a person who dies a mysterious death and the 5 poeple meet to find out how the person dies and break the curse.

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