My first fanfic let me know what ya'll think

Toby gets off of the bus when he get to Ravenswood, he would drive but his truck is getting worked on and also he came to get Spencer car for her, that still in Ravenswood. He walks into the The Vault to get something to drink when he heard a familiar voice.

"Toby?" The mystery person said

Toby turns around to see Caleb by himself. He smiles and greets him with a hug.

"What are you doing? Caleb ask.

"I am here to get Spencer car and also to see you, I thought you would have been back by now." Toby said.

"Yeah me to but something came up." Caleb said.

"What came up?" Toby asked.

"I will tell you but you can't tell anyone, including Hanna." Caleb said.

"Yeah sure." Toby said

"Well it started when I first got here, I met a girl name Miranda, we were solemates and Hanna asked me to help her out, so I did but we found a tombstone with my name and picture on it, which I thought was an ancestor but I found out I am a part of this cursed with 4 other people and it almost happened again the other night.

"What happened?" Toby asked.

"Me dieing, see Miranda thought she saw someone in the rode so she swerve to get out of the way when the car fell off the bridge and fell into some water only 4 out 5 made it. Miranda died a little later, but we were all suppose to die that night.

"Caleb I am sorry about your friend, but if your in danger you need to leave here and come back to Rosewood." Toby said.

"I am in the same amount of danger there with A running around then I am here." Caleb said.

"True but you got people who love you and would take care of you in Rosewood." Toby said.

"I know but if Hanna knew she would make me come home, I can't now I have to break this curse and then I will be home." Caleb said.

"Ok, hey do you know where that Lair of A is the girls found?" Toby asked

"Yeah I walked by it the other day, lets go check it out." Caleb said.

Toby and Caleb walk into the lair, it look like what it did a few days ago.

"I guess the person haven't switch the location yet." Toby said.

"Does A normally do that?" Caleb asked.

"That what we did, but this A could do things different." Toby said.

Caleb walks up to the computer that Hanna wanted him to hack, he sit in the chair and start to type stuff.

"You find anything?" Toby asked while looking at everything.

"Yeah but it looks like all the files and everything is gone, I am guessing this A is smarter then we thought they were." Caleb said.

"Damn, I wish we could find out more about this Bitch." Toby said.

"Look Toby you need to get home to see Spencer and to protect the girls from A, hopefully we can figure things out here and I can come home soon." Caleb said.

"You sure you will be ok?" Toby asked.

"Yeah and I am sure I will be back in Rosewood, in a few weeks and then we can go hangout maybe take the girls on that double date we have been talking about." Caleb said

"Yeah sound great." Toby replied.

The guys walk to Spencer car and fix the tire, Toby get in the car and start it up.

"If you need me, give me a call." Toby said.

"Yeah I will, well I will talk to later then." Caleb said.

"Bye man, give Hanna a hug for me will you." Caleb said.

"I will but you need to do that yourself to, bye." Toby said.

Toby drives off seeing Caleb through his rearview mirror, He calls he Spencer.

"Hey Babe." Spencer said.

"Hey Spence, I am heading back to Rosewood with your car." Toby said

"Ok, did you see Caleb?" Spencer asked

"Yeah, he not coming home right now but he will." Toby said.

"WHY, he suppose to be with Hanna, or has he fell in love with that Miranda girl." Spencer said.

"No, I can;t explain now but trust me, he is still in love with Hanna." Toby said.

"Ok, well I will see you when you come to the house." Spencer said

"Yeah, I love you Spence." Toby said.

"I love you to." Spencer said.

Toby hangs up and keep driving, Caleb will kill him but he can't keep something like this from Spencer, he has to tell her