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  • PotterMouth

    Revival Promo

    November 25, 2013 by PotterMouth

    If you guys haven't seen the promo its right there!!!!

    Please watch it and help me out. The title is already giving me the chills. Miranda dead...and the title is revival. Maybe that's not at all what happens, but if you guys have any guesses please help us all out by giving them! Haleb?? What's gonna happen. I love Miranda and all but I always felt as if Hanna and Caled were like meant  to be. Let's hear your opinion!

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  • PotterMouth

    Scared to death.

    Wow, geez was I ever scared to death :O

    Major plot twister in this episode! DYLAN!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! But whose this mysterious "HE"? He seems to be the center of it all that uncle miranda has :). I don't know about you but I'm dying to know more!!! If you guys have any plot/theories please tell me!!!!

    The little girl's laugh thooo...CREEPY

    What do you guys think about the whole miranda and caleb thing. I think that's pretty awesome :P they were like brought back to life?!?!?! I hope that's true. Such huge love connection between them. I love Hannah and all, I am like obssesed with PLL but Miranda

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  • PotterMouth

    A lot of people have different theories on how Ravenswood is going to go on. Some say Miranda is dead, some that the whole town are ghosts! I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts! Post YOUR theory here!!!!!!!

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