Scared to death.

Wow, geez was I ever scared to death :O

Major plot twister in this episode! DYLAN!!!! NOOOOOO!!!! But whose this mysterious "HE"? He seems to be the center of it all that uncle miranda has :). I don't know about you but I'm dying to know more!!! If you guys have any plot/theories please tell me!!!!

The little girl's laugh thooo...CREEPY

What do you guys think about the whole miranda and caleb thing. I think that's pretty awesome :P they were like brought back to life?!?!?! I hope that's true. Such huge love connection between them. I love Hannah and all, I am like obssesed with PLL but Miranda <3 II just can't. They need to be together.

Hannah and caleb's dinner date, well I have a feeling something bad is gonna happen. So glad Caleb isn't dead, but I'm so glad he died :D he got to touch miranda :3. 


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