• RavenswoodFan

    Tess and Zack

    January 8, 2014 by RavenswoodFan

    I'm not a native speaker so i didn't get how Tess and Zack broke up and why?

    Can you explain me that?

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  • RavenswoodFan


    In the last episodes of Ravenswood were some scenes with Mr Collins and Rochelle,

    they kinda know each other..but from where? Do you think that they are just friends or that Rochelle cheated on

    her ex-husband with him?

    Any guesses? ☺

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  • RavenswoodFan

    Ok, so I'm so excited that Ravenswood airs tonight.

    I think this will be the next show I'll be obsessed with even though it'll

    be creepy and stuff.

    Anyways I'm gonna watch it tonight and I really hope this show will

    be as famous as PLL. I wish this for these young actors.

    I believe they'll be big stars soon

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